Qırımtatar edebiyatı ve matbuatının ananeleri (I Qurultay devri) / Tradition of Crimean Tatar literature and journalism (Period of I Kurultay) Price: 200 р.Kirimov T.N.

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The period of the 1st Crimean Tatar Kurultay - Parliament, with its authenticity and naturalness, always attracts the attention of specialists of humanities. Considering the previously published scientific and critical works, the author faced to various concepts and methods of research of the mentioned topic. Thus, in the monograph with the aim of analyzing the moral, ethical and aesthetic positions of the writers-parliamentarians, the chronological framework is narrowed and compared. A special attention is paid to individual national print publications of the 1917-1944s. Particularly noteworthy are the newspapers like Millet / Narod / (1917-1920), Azat Qırım / Liberated Crimea / (1942-1944). Due to lack of knowledge, these newspapers are often subject to misinterpretation. In this regard, the author of this book has been done scrupulous work on the collection, interpretation and evaluation of historiographic sources. For example, these are works by N. Chelebidzhikhan, A. Ayvazov, J. Seidamet, A. Ozenbashly, B. Chobanzade, J. Kermenchikli, A. Gerabai. In their literary and journalistic works, ideas of cultural rallying of the Crimean Tatar people, their refusal from conservative, clerical beliefs in favor of integration into the European community are cultivated.
This monograph is intended for undergraduate and graduate students of philological and humanitarian specialties of universities and pedagogical universities, as well as for those interested in the history of the Crimean Tatar literature and journalism.
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