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  • Miraculous stories are collected in the anthology of Azerbaijani folk tales. From the book you will know how poor boy-fowler Ibrahim delivered people from the silly shah and greedy merchant. Following a hero of the tale “White horse rider” you will visit a garden of a genie, gain constant friends ...

  • Ragim Gunbatov

    From the book you will learn more about ethnic, literary and folklore relations of Crimea and Azerbaijan that stretch deep into the ages. You will know more of Azerbaijanis living on the territory of the peninsula and their endowment into development of Crimea.

  • Topçibaşev A.M.

      This historical document is a translation of the work by A.M. Topchibashev "Formation of Azerbaijan ", written in November 1918 in Azerbaijani language . In the summer of 1918 in Constantinople ( Istanbul ) it was planned to organize an international conference at the governmental level to resolve territorial ...

  • Gejbullaejv GA

    The book, which represents the first volume of the synthesis work, studied in detail relevant issues of ethnogenesis of the Azerbaijani people from ancient times to the XI-XII centuries. The current state of the problem, the ethnic composition of Albania and Atropatena (Turkic- Caucasian-, Iranian-speaking tribes, etc.) are highlighted; some ...

  • Oruçov Ə.Ə.

    The dictionary contains 5,500 Azerbaijani phraseological units with the literal and semantic translations into Russian language.

  • A.Nahmedov, L.Bagirova

    The phrase-book includes 28 sections with questions, anwers and expressions from the very different fields of life. The Azerbaijiani part is in Cyrillic script.

  • Seifeddin, A.M.

    This monograph is the second part of the book "Сoinage and currency in Azerbaijan XII-XV centuries”, and covers the period from XIV of 70-ies of the XV century. Almost half centuries of the Middle East, including Azerbaijan, is full of a variety of political and socio-economic developments that are related ...

  • Öztopçu K.

    ''Elementary Azerbaijani' is a beginning level course for "Standard" Azerbaijani, the official language of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the language spoken by educated Azerbaijani speakers. It is the first Azerbaijani textbook in Latin script, published for English speakers. The book is accompanies with audiofiles.

  • Shiraliyev M.Sh., Sevortian E.V.

    This book represents the first systematic description in Russian language the grammar of the Azerbaijani literary language and contains a brief outline of the sound system, its morphology and syntax.

  • Ağasioglu F., Əbdülvahaboğlu A.

    This is a pocket Russian-Azerbaijani phrasebook with the Azeri part in the new Latin scipt. The feature of the book is that the authors instead of the word "Azerbaijan" use anywhere in the text the word "Turk".

  • The book includes translations into Crimean Tatar language of the best works of poets from 15 former Soviet republics, made by prominent Crimean Tatar men of letters - Abdureim Altañlı, Eşref Shemyi-zade, Riza Halid, Çerkez-Ali Ametov, Riza Fazıl, Reşid Murad, Bilâl Mambetov, Şamil Alâdin , Ablâziz Veliyev, Enver Selâmet, Cemil ...

  • Krymskyj A.Y.

    This book, which is published as a literary monument, is one of the most important ones in the world about the great Azerbaijani poet.

  • Разговорник содержит типичные модели фраз и выражений по широкому кругу тем Текст на азербайджанском языке снабжен практической транскрипцией, передающей звуки азербайджанского языка преимущественно средствами русской графики. Разговорник предназначен для российских граждан, с разными целями посещающих Азербайджан и не владеющих азербайджанским языком. Разговорник предназначается для российских граждан, с разными целями посещающих ...

  • Edited by G. Quseynov

    A dictionary includes 10 000 words. Azerbaijani parties given in pre-war Latin alphabet NTA (New Turkic alphabet).

  • Edited by A.G.Orucev

    Second edition of brief Russian-Azerbaijani dictionary is meant for translations of texts of intermediate level. The dictionary includes 18 000 words. It includes generally used terms only. While compilation of the dictionary the great attention was paid to the grammatical characteristics of the words (conduction of verbs etc.) and common ...

  • Çerkez-Ali (translation)

    The book includes translations from the Russian, Ukrainian, Uzbek, Azerbaijani language made by one of the classics of the Crimean Tatar literature Сerkez-Ali Ametov. Among the authors of original verses are Pushkin, Esenin, Konstantin Simonov, Gafur Gulam, Navoiy, Samad Vurgun, Lesia Ukrainka, Rasul Gamzatov, Kaisyn Kuliev, and many others.