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  • Kogonashvili K.K.

    The dictionary includes more than 1100 articles, which explain the basic concepts and terms, give biographical data of prominent figures related to the history of Crimea, as well as a brief description of the most important events and facts of the Crimean history. The size of personal articles and the ...

  • Levi R.A., Trevgoda T.I., Purim L.M.

    The Krymchak cuisine is quite unique and many of the dishes are a true gift for the gourmet. The book "Secrets Krymchak cuisine" includes recipes kept in memory of Krymchaks of older generations.

  • Ibadlaev I.R., Andrievskaya I.Yu., Achkinazi I.V., Rebi D.I., Korobach N., Bakshi N., Pirkova D., Jansen, S., Smirnov, Gurkovich B.

    The book includes 11 reports on the ethnic history Crimchaks, their nearly extinct language and prominent figures of Krymchak culture.

  • Stepanova N.G. (compiler)

    The collection is devoted to questions of relations between peoples living in Crimean peninsula, and contains a number of essays on the Crimean Tatars, Karaites and Krymchaks.

  • Polyakov V.Y.

    This book is a wonderful mix of history, local history, journalism. It links by invisible threads the Crimean people of all nationalities, including Karaites, Crimean Tatars, Krimchaks with the past of his native land, and the essay "The City native," based on archival materials - with its capital, Simferopol.

  • Gorbunov Y.I. (compiler)

    The book describes some topical issues concerning the creation of the Crimean Autonomous Republic, its economic and cultural life and development of international relations. Various important documents relating to the period of existence of the Crimean Autonomous Republic (1921-1945 years) are presented as well.

  • Tkachenko A.

    Новая книга А. Ткаченко повествует об одном из коренных народов Крыма, о крымчаках. Повести, притчи, новеллы — словом настоящая энциклопедия жизни и смерти, умирания и воскрешения древнего гордого народа с трагической судьбой, впервые предстает перед читателем.

  • Rebi D.I.

    The workbook includes sections of phonetics and morphology, textual and lexicographical materials.

  • This popular science, literary and art anthology contains ethnographic articles, memoirs, poems, stories and photos on cultural and historical heritage of Krimchaks.

  • Rebi D.I., Lombrozo V.M. (compilers)

    This publication is an attempt to describe Krymchaks - relict people - by Krymchaks themselves. Among the authors of the collection - Achkinazi B.M., Achkinazi I.V., Lakub P.M., Qaya I.S., Bahshi A.H., Levi A., Peysakh A.M. The book provides detailed data on language, religion, traditions and customs of Krymchaks, their ...

  • Achkinazi I. V.

    Книга Игоря Вениаминовича Ачкинази "Крымчаки. Историко-этнографический очерк" уже стала раритетом. В книге содержатся накопленные за 140 лет активного исследования крымчаков уникальные фольклорные и исторические материалы о малочисленном крымском этносе, собранные в XIX веке представителями крымчакской интеллигенции (Исааком Самуиловичем Кая, Евсеем Исааковичем Пейсахом), а затем и сотнями их последователей из различных ...

  • This is a first issue of scientific-popular and literary anthology telling about the most interesting and little known facts of life of Krymchaks. The anthology contains not only historical articles and memoirs but also folklore materials, poetry of Krymchak authors.

  • Научно-популярный, литературно-художественный альманах, посвященный культурно-историческому наследию крымчаков, содержащий этнографические статьи, публицистику, мемуары, стихотворения, рассказы. Хронологические рамки альманаха широки - от старины глубокой и до наших дней. Большинство материалов публикуется впервые.

  • Kaya I. S.

    This book written by Isaac Kay in the late 20th - 30th years of XXth century is designed for primary school children. Probably, the author could write and other teaching aids. But the change in the policy of the Soviet government stopped the development of Krymchak language. The structure of ...

  • Rebi D.I.

    This book consists of an introductory article, section, "Translations from Krymchak language" (tale "Ashik Gharib," "The Book of Ruth," "The Book of Daniel" and others), "Articles" and "Letters" and is a significant work on Krymchak language and folklore.