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  • Galliamov S.A.

    The book written by a historian, philosopher and linguist Salavat Galliamov is devoted to ancient ethics of Bashqord (Bashkir) people. The essence of the legal codes and ethics of ancestors of contemporary Bashkirs author reveals through examples from the national epos "Ural-warrior."

  • Rudenko S.I.

    This book is a comprehensive guide to the nature of Bashkortostan, public relations, tribal and clan divisions of Bashkirs, their occupations and lifestyles. Food, home production, clothing and jewelry, home and construction, vehicles, family life and folk festivals, art and folklore, vestiges of pre-Islamic religious beliefs, issues related to the ...

  • Zeynullina G.D.

    Turkish-Baskir and Bashkir-Turkish dictionary includes more than 10 000 words in both directions and is one of the first in the field. Advantages of the dictionary: 1) Besides separate lexical units word-combinations and even phrases are included: оdun - утын; bir araba odun - бер арба утын; odun yaramak - ...

  • Abdulbanejev B.O.

    This dictionary of musical terms in Russian, German, Bashkir languages ​​is designed for anyone in any way involved in the musical activities, primarily for students of music schools in Bashkortostan.

  • Indusa A.A.(compiler)

    This set includes 15 color postcards with views of Bashkir meals and the related recipes.

  • Nadrshina F.A.

    The three-language edition contains Bashkir traditional folk songs related to ancient beliefs, nature and historical events, as well as songs-legends. The compiler and translators tried to preserve the concepts and notions arising from the pecularities of the mode of life and the people's history, i.e. to convey authentic meaning of ...

  • Bessonov A.G. (recording and translation)

    The book contains 88 Bashkir folk tales collected in the XIX-early XX century by Russian linguist and folklorist Bessonov.

  • Gabidov H., Tagirov N., Khangildin V., Vildanov G.

    Одна из первых грамматик башкирского языка, напечатанных еще на арабской графике.

  • Hisamitdinova F.G., Sharipova Z.Y., Hazhin V.I.

    This textbook is recommended for students, and for a wide range of people who want to learn to speak, read, write in Bashkir. With the help of the manual - teacher-led or self-studying person in approximately one year will be able to understand the Bashkir speech, to speak the language ...

  • Galliamov S.A.

    The author, analyzing the epos "Ural-batyr" and Bashkir folk festivals, has revealed the roots of the modern Bashkir aesthetics, coincidence and parallels in the field of culture and Bashkir Kurds living in Mesopotamia.

  • Zajnullina G.D.

    This dictionary includes more than 2,000 most common words and phrases that form the basis of the cattle-breeding lexicon in the Bashkir language.

  • Khisamutdinova F.G., Uraksin Z.G.

    The book includes materials about the development of culture of the Bashkir people from ancient times to present day. In complete and detailed presentation of the most striking examples of oral folk poetry (epic "Ural-Batyr", "Akbuzat" etc.), classical and modern literature, tells about the song and musical creativity Bashkir - ...

  • Kiikov G.M.

    The essay by Kiikov contains two types of records: some historical background of the people covered in legendary terms, while others - on the basis of documentary sources. Events described took place in Bashkortostan and the main characters are the Bashkirs. In the manuscripts there are many attributes of ancient ...

  • Akhmerov K.Z.

    Since XI century, Bashkir used the Arabic alphabet, but, according to the author, they previously could write in runic letters. The first alphabet and orthography of the Bashkir literary language developed in 1923 was based on the Arabic alphabet. In 1930 the writing was transferred to the Latinized alphabet, and ...

  • Mavletov V.S.

    The book opens with general information about the Republic of Bashkortostan, its nature and climate. Much attention is paid to the ancient history of the Bashkirs, their situation in the Golden Horde, religion and culture of the ancient Bashkirs, spread of Islam, folk festivals, customs and rituals, material culture of ...

  • Dobrotvorskij P.I.

    This book contains the best works of the writer, humanist Piotr Dobrotvorskij (1839-1908), always speaking in defense of the violated rights of indigenous Bashkir people. Its novel "In the backwoods of Bashkortostan", stories from the book "Thinking in pictures and images" as well as the publications about the writer must ...

  • Shafikov G.G.

      The book by Gazim Shafikov (1939-2009), the Bashkir poet, novelist, playwright, translator, included essays, reflections on the fate of the Bashkir people, tells about outstanding compatriots.   In addition to original author's poems that precede essays,  a large number of translations of verses by Bashkir poets, as well as folklore ...

  • Sabirjanova S.G.

    The book is devoted to the study of names of food and meals in the dialects of the Bashkir language. Materials collected by the author are of great value for comparative-historical study of the Bashkir language and other Turkic languages.

  • Mirzhanova S.F.

    The book is dedicated to the people's spoken language of the Bashkirs, who lives with Tatar and Finno-Ugric population in north-western regions of Bashkortostan, as well as in neighboring regions of Tatarstan and the Perm region. The book describes the four subdialects of this dialect at the level of phonetics, ...

  • Karimova G.R.

    The dictionary, intended primarily for pupils of Bashkir national schools, includes the most often used words of Russian literary language and in small quantities - social, political and scientific terminology with their Bashkir equivalents. In total, the dictionary contains 14 000 words.