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  • Mizijev I.M.

    The book is devoted to the complex issue of ethnic processes in the Central Caucasus from ancient times to the XIII-XIV centuries. The author offers a new alternative to the traditional interpretation of the information written sources, archeology, ethnography and linguistics.

  • Alexeyeva Je.P.

    In her paper the author described, systematized and mapped archaeological sites of Karachaevo-Cherkessia, known by 1985, more or less learned, and at least dated. Basing on the information obtained in the study of archaeological sites, the author highlighted the ethnic and socio-economic history, as well as materials and spiritual culture ...

  • Guzeyev Z.M.

    The dictionary contains about 5,000 words and is designed for a wide range of people studying Balkar language and pupils-Balkars. Words that are used only Karachay and idioms are outside of this. It includes commonly used and relevant keywords from school textbooks. Among words borrowed from Russian and other languages ...

  • Appayev A.M.

    This monograph is a result of many years researches into the problem of dialects of the Karachai-Balkar language in the structural-genetic and areal coverage. Large linguistic materials of Karachay - Balkar language, especially taken into account territorial dialects - Cherek, Hulamo-Bezengi, Chegem and Baksan are analysed. The book contains the ...

  • Tebujev R.S., Hatujev R.T.

    The basic idea of this work was to designate certain moments of the history of the Karachai-Balkar people. The authors support the thesis that the Karachai and Balkar are local, ancient people of the Caucasus. Most clearly on this basis of Karachay-Balkar is evidenced by their anthropology. However, a very ...

  • Laypanov K. T.

    Сборник очерков статей, выступлений и заметок старейшины карачаево-балкарских историков включает в себя его работы рубежа XX-XXI вв., в которых автор в доступной доходчивой форме знакомит любителей истории горного края с различными фактами, явлениями и процессами прошлого своего народа.

  • Kipkeyeva Z.B.

    In her monograph the author describes the historical and cultural aspects of migration from Karachay and Balkaria in the second half of XIX - early XX centuries. The socio-economic causes and conditions of resettlement of the large part of Karachays and Balkars into the Ottoman Empire are analysed. At the ...

  • Aliyeva A.I.

    The present book consists of works of folklore Balkar and Karachay published until the mid XIX of the twenties of this century. It is now generally accepted that the Balkars and Karachays are of the same origin, share common historical destinies, and language. The common heritage of these two peoples ...

  • Dzhurtubayev M.C.

    The heroic epos of Karachay-Balkar people "Narts" ("Nartla" in Karachay-Balkar language) is an important part of their folklore. Working on a monograph, the author set himself two goals: 1) identify and analyze the realities reflected in the epos, including climate, flora and fauna, life of heroes - Narts' society, Narts, ...

  • Khabichev M.A.

    The monograph is devoted to the topical issues not only of Karachay-Balkar linguistics, but also the modern Turkic studies: to the investigation of nominal words formation in Karachay-Balkar in comparative historical perspective. The author draws many parallels with the Turkic languages ​​(Bashkir, Gagauz, Old Turkic, Kazakh, Karaite, Karakalpak, Kyrgyz, Crimean ...

  • Siemeieniec-Gołaś E.

    The aim of this work is a lexicological description of the old, Turkic stratum of Karachay-Balkar. The relevant material, selected from various sources, is presented against a historical-comparative background of other Turkic languages. This is the first attempt at such an analysis in a Turkic comparative frame in the field ...

  • S. A. Gochiyayeva, H. I. Suyunchev, under editorship of E. R. Tenishev and H. I. Suyunchev

    Словарь содержит около 30 тыс. слов современного литературного карачаево-балкарского языка. Приводится большое количество словосочетаний, фразеологических оборотов, пословиц и поговорок. Представлена также общеупотребительная специальная терминология.В качестве приложения к словарю дан краткий грамматический очерк карачаево-балкарского языка, составленный доктором филол. наук, проф. М. А. Хабичевым. Словарь предназначен для широкого круга читателей: преподавателей и ...

  • Botashev M. O.

    В словаре представлено около 2000 понятий, обозначающих объекты растительного и животного мира, химические элементы, имена месяцев, названия звезд и т. д.

  • Adilhan Adiloğlu

    В своей книге Адильхан Адильоглу рассказывает о формировании и существовании карачаевцев и балкарцев. Книга построена по диахроническому принципу: от зарождения до наших дней. Приятно, что автор активно исспользует свидетельства различных авторов, в разные времена оставлявшие свои заметки о карачаевцах и балкарцах. 46 страниц монографии Адильхан Адильоглу уделил родовым тамгам карачаевцев ...

  • Zhulabov U.A.

    The basis of this book went to lessons, conducted by the author in classes of Karachay-Balkar language. Its main purpose is to help those who want to learn basics of Karachay-Balkar language, learn to read and write simple texts. The book includes 38 lessons, short Russian-Karachay-Balkar phrasebook and Karachay-phrase-Balkar-Russian dictionary.

  • Otarov I.M.

    Данная монография представляет собой самый серьезный и полный труд по лексикологии карачаево-балкарского языка.

  • Bajchorov S.J., Bajramukov U.Z., Bulgarova M.A., Hapajev S.A., Erkenova F.P., Alijeva T.K., Ulakov M.Z., Hapajeva S.M., Karakajev J.I.

    The articles included in the book are devoted to the study of mythology, history, writing, building styles of Karachay-Balkar language, Sumerian-Turkic lexical and grammatical similarities, as well as to the investigation of features of Crimean Nogay dialect, etymology of some of the Karachay-Balkar and Nogay ethnonyms and place names.

  • Zakhokhov L.G., Sottayev A.H.

    This phrasebook enables Russian-speaking readers to share phrases in Karachay-Balkar and Kabardian language. In the phrasebook are also included the lexical and grammatical characteristics of Karachay-Balkar, and the Kabardian language.

  • Suyunchev H.I., Urusbiev I.H.

    This fundamental bilingual dictionary is compiled in the Karachay-Cherkessia Research Institute of Language, Literature and History and contains about 35,000 words.

  • Akachiyeva S.M., Aliyeva T.K., Bayramukova Z.H., Batchayev A.-M.H., Hadzhilayev H.-M.I.

    This dictionary-phrasebook is a practical guide for those wishing to study Karachay-Balkar language, it consists of the most common speech situations (about 100), which quoted on each topic. The annex gives a brief grammatical sketch of Karachay-Balkar language and dialogues that will help consolidate the learned phrases and expressions of ...