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  • Khudyakov Y.S.

    The book covers the military history of Kyrgyzes, the nomadic people of Turkic origin, who lived in the Middle Ages in the vast southern Siberia and Central Asia. The author, in an accessible and engaging form tells about the wars of Kyrgyzes with nomadic empires, about ther establishment in the IX century the great power ...

  • Batmanov I.A.

    Данное издание представляет собой первую часть элементарного грамматического справочника киргизского языка. В данный выпуск вошли разделы "Введение" и "Элементы фонетики". Книга предназначена в качестве пособия для лиц, преподающих киргизский язык в русской школе (средней и высшей), а также для учителей русского языка в киргизской школе. Пособие рассчитано на круг читателей, ...

  • Batmanov I.A.

    The book is a guide for those who teach modern literary Kyrgyz language in Russian schools, as well as for teachers of Russian language in Kyrgyz schools. The manual is designed for an audience at least to some extent familiar with the Kyrgyz language. "Grammar of the Kyrgyz language" was ...

  • Yudakhin K.K.

    This "Kyrgyz-Russian dictionary" written by outstanding scientist, lexicographer, member of the Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyzstan, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Doctor of Philology, Professor Konstantin Yudakhin is considered one of the most unique bilingual guides. It contains about 40000 words of Kyrgyz language. The ...

  • Gömeç S.

    In his book Prof. Gömeç concisely describes the history of the Kyrgyz people since the first mention through the Golden Horde period and times under the authority of the Russian Empire and the USSR to the present day.

  • Bartold V.V.

    In this book written by V. Bartold for the first time is presented an overview of the history of the Kirghiz, accumulated a vast amount of material on archeology, ethnography and history of the Kyrgyz and Kyrgyzstan.

  • The book includes translations into Crimean Tatar language of the best works of poets from 15 former Soviet republics, made by prominent Crimean Tatar men of letters - Abdureim Altañlı, Eşref Shemyi-zade, Riza Halid, Çerkez-Ali Ametov, Riza Fazıl, Reşid Murad, Bilâl Mambetov, Şamil Alâdin , Ablâziz Veliyev, Enver Selâmet, Cemil ...

  • Bekdzhanova R.B., Oruzbaeva B.O., Hwang R.P.

    The pocket Russian-Kyrgyz and Kyrgyz-Russian phrase book is intended primarily for those who do not speak Kyrgyz or Russian languages. It contains 34 conversational topics, vocabulary and some grammar materials.

  • Yudakhin K.K.

    This dictionary contains 51000 words and was reissued in 2000 by Sham publishing house.

  • Kalyjeva O.

    The phrasebook is divided into sections by subject and several subsections. Each section consists of a set of questions, answers and statements, as well as a set of terms on this topic. Russian-Kyrgyz phrasebook allows foreign citizens (tourists and business people) to learn the basics of spoken Kyrgyz language.

  • Ajtmatov C.T.

    Chingiz Aitmatov is the national writer of Kyrgyzstan, one of the foremost contemporary artists, the author of many novels, widely known throughout the world. This novel of Chingiz Aitmatov was awarded the USSR State Prize in 1977. "The White Steamer" is the story about a seven-year old boy and his ...